What We Do

FLG is a boutique DC-based law firm that provides future-focused legal and strategic advisory services for clients operating in complex, digital, and hyperconnected markets.  With decades of experience in the national security community and a unique set of solutions enabled by a trusted network of technology companies, our team can provide clients with exceptional value-based professional services that help ensure success, reduce risk, and maintain profitability.

Bring us your biggest challenges.  Let’s solve them together.

Unique Core Strengths

FLG is client-focused, agile, and networked with a trusted group of technology companies, which enables us to address global risk and operational issues that are often beyond the line of sight.  By blending our advisory services with the power of these providers, we can attack complex problems with a wide range of advanced capabilities that can rapidly scale to client needs.

Partner Locations

Small Firm = Agility  

As a boutique firm, we can move quickly, stay agile, and maintain focus on our client’s needs and objectives.  We value responsiveness and believe that speed matters.