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Live Earth

Based in Austin, Texas, Live Earth is the world’s most advanced real-time geo-temporal data visualization technology. As an open platform, SaaS-based application, with deep roots in the Department of Defense, Live Earth leverages a technology stack that provides real-time situational awareness and an advanced approach to alerting and incident management. The platform is a data synchronization tool that seamlessly fuses together millions of real-time data sources and time series data onto an intuitive, interactive data visualization map.

The Live Earth platform is a key technology solution for multiple industries. The platform includes operational dashboards for executives to manage their business trends in real-time while also providing a key operations security platform for security professionals to protect employees and assets. Our customers benefit from increased safety and security across their organization, reduced operational risk through rapid and protective responses to critical events, and by driving increased revenue and KPIs through real-time visibility of key metrics and external variables.