Technology Partners

Bsi Group

BSI Consulting, a subsidiary of BSI Group, comes from a legacy as the world’s first national standards body, with over 100 years of experience, in partnership with 90,000 organizations across 195 countries and 84 offices. Through its independence, innovation and integrity, BSI has developed deep, long-term relationships and is committed to its delivery of a strong customer experience and high level of service.  BSI employs over 5,000 professionals throughout the world.  Our diverse resource base gives us access to a comprehensive collection of professionals with backgrounds in supply chain, security risk management, environmental and sustainability services and more, allowing us the ability to provide the best portfolio mix of solutions to support our clients.

BSI has led the way in creating consultative programs that help organizations enhance their reputation by improving quality, reducing risk, and being socially responsible. BSI is a trusted partner to industry and government with a focus to support business objectives through the transfer of knowledge and best practice. We do this through our advisory consulting, training programs, and auditing services, which help organizations identify and measure performance indicators and implement the tools needed to monitor, enhance, and report on global supply chain compliance.